Epiphany Ruck

This was my experience on the Epiphany Ruck, which is the 1st of 24 rucks that make up the Maricopa Ruck Challenge.

The Challenge is to Ruck the 210-mile trail that encompasses Maricopa County over the course of 1 year! For full Challenge details go here or check out the facebook page Maricopa Ruck ChallengeThere are at least 2 events per month over the course of 2019

Completing the Challenge will earn you bragging rights and a patch.

Clothing ~

Extra Gear ~

  1. The route is hardball surface along a canal. It’s not very scenic and is very flat. 
  2.  It is from point A to point B, so transportation must be considered
  3. Make sure your tracking app is working properly. Mine (strava) stopped half way through. Fortunately someone in our group had Strava going and included me.
  4.  Get enough sleep the night before. <4 hours is not enough!
  5.  Make sure keys are in your pack and not in the car when carpooling



Do you use Strava to track your training? 

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