Estrella Ruck AAR

AAR for the Estrella Ruck from the 2019 Maricopa Ruck Challenge.

The Challenge is to Ruck the 210-mile trail that encompasses Maricopa County over the course of 1 year! For full Challenge details go here or check out the  Maricopa Ruck Challenge facebook page. There are at least 2 events per month over the course of the year

Completing the Challenge will earn you bragging rights and a patch.

Clothing ~

  1. This section of trail is a lot of fun. You are out in the desert with beautiful scenery and is well traveled. 
  2.  It is from point A to point B, so transportation must be considered.
  3. The Estrella Mountain park is frequently visited and we came across a number of hikers and even photographers.
  4. When rucking with a stress fracture in your foot be grateful you don’t have a lot of feeling, or wish you didn’t!
  5. I dropped down to a 20lb ruck plate to reduce damage to my foot. I should have stuck with 30 lbs. 
  6. There are some portions of the trail that are pretty rocky and caused of to slow down. Though I am not a very fast anyway, be sure to wear appropriate footwear for the terrain.



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