Harmony Ruck

2nd Event of the 2019 Maricopa Ruck Challenge was a 10-mile, relatively flat Ruck along a canal.

The Challenge is to Ruck the 210-mile trail that encompasses Maricopa County over the course of 1 year! For full Challenge details go here or check out the  Maricopa Ruck Challenge facebook page. There are at least 2 events per month over the course of the year

Completing the Challenge will earn you bragging rights and a patch.

Clothing ~

  1. The route is hardball surface along a canal. It’s not very scenic and is very flat. You do get to pass through a business district with restaurants.
  2.  It is from point A to point B, so transportation must be considered
  3. Make sure your tracking app is working properly. Mine (strava) stopped at mile 11!  Fortunately my ruck partner had Strava going and included me (AGAIN!! See below). We went .5 miles south and got some chocolate milk and then back to my car to make 12 miles. Luckily, I was using more than just Strava!
  4.  Get enough sleep the night before. <4 hours is not enough! Drink water, not beer and go to bed before 0100!



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