Packing List: GORUCK Light

So you made the decision to complete a GORUCK Light Challenge, so what should you pack?

If you have no idea what a GORUCK Light Challenge is or what it entails, read this first! 

Before you get your ruck all packed, make sure you visit, and contribute in the discussion, your chosen Light Challenge’s Facebook Event page. Sometimes the cadre will add additional required gear and you definitely don’t  want to show up without it!

Every GORUCK event will require additional team gear to be carried in addition to your individual ruck. These are the required items:

  • 25-lb. Team Weight
    This can be what ever your group decides, but I encourage you not to do the minimum and work together and bring multiple team weights. Be creative, this can be anything!
  • American Flag 
    The Annin 3×5 is Made in the USA, affordable, high quality, and available for Prime on Amazon.
  • Flagpole 
    How To: Build a Rucking Flagpole

Be sure to check your event’s Facebook event page (found on event’s web page and in the email they send you) to find out any other gear you need as a team. Participation in the Facebook Event discussion is also ‘graded’ and helps determine how much of a team you are. Encourage each other to participate!

Participation in a GORUCK Light does require you to have and bring a few specific items, this list is taken from the GORUCK website:

  • Rucksack
    I use and recommend the Rucker but any pack will work. 
  • Weight 
    If you weigh <150 10-lb. If >150 then 20-lb. Ruck Plates are encouraged for size and comfort. 
  • Hydration Bladder 
    Hydrate or Die! I use and this 3L Camelbak bladder
  • 1L Nalgene Bottle
    or equivalent. Electrolytes are also recommended in this. 
  • Reflective Bands
    Visibility is important! These should live on your ruck.
  • Windbreaker
    (only if the temperature is expected below 60 ℉)
  • Photo ID and $20 cash
    Just in case you need to call an Uber or have an injury. 

Here are a few additional pieces of gear I recommend you bring with you on your GORUCK Light Challenge:

  • Gloves
    Bring gloves! Protect your hands. You will be carrying odd items and on the ground doing PT. I use these tactical gloves.
  • Dry Bag 
    Keep your stuff dry if you get your ruck wet. I use the USMC Dry Bag. It’s light weight, collapsable, and works well.
  • First Aid
    Keep it simple. Small scrapes and blisters. Anything major the cadre or medical professionals will handle. I go to PDS Systems for all of my medical supply needs.

Here are some additional resources to help better help you prepare: 

Hopefully this has helped you get ready to complete your next GORUCK Light Challenge from a gear perspective. 

Let me know your thoughts, suggestions, or what worked for you in the comments below.

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