Ruck Training EDC

We all have a list of EDC items, Ruck Training is no different. This is my list of EDC items that are always in my Pack when I do ruck training.

For those who don’t know, EDC stands for Every Day Carry. Everyone has those items they never leave home without and that typically changes depending on the activity you are participating in.

Ruck Training is no different. There are items that rarely ever leave my pack, a set of clothes that are my go-to and even few accessories I always have with me while ruck training.

So let’s get to the this list… 

  • GORUCK Rucker (FITREP) – My favorite pack. Designed and built for Ruck Training, and made in the USA! Read my FITREP for more details on the GORUCK Rucker.
  • GORUCK Ruck Plates – I have the 3 plate bundle, 10lb, 20lb, and 30lb. Typically role with the 30lb ruck plate.
  • 3L Camelbak hydration bladder – You have to hydrate! This was issued to me and still going strong. I plan on buying the 3L short as I heard it fits in the Rucker better.
  • I attach Reflective Leg Bands to the molle straps on the outside of my Rucker to help me be more visible when rucking at night. Safety is important at all times and making yourself as visible as possible while rucking at night will help keep you safe.
  • Gloves are beneficial, especially when you want to add some PT along the trail. I always keep a pair of tactical gloves in a handy pocket of my ruck.
  • My Petzl Head Lamp lives in my ruck! I actually hate using them, as it creates tunnel vision, but there are times you really need one. If you’re going to ruck, you’re going to ruck in the dark!
  • Cottonelle Wet Wipes are another simple thing that comes in really handy at times! A package of these lives in a Ziploc bag in my ruck. Make sure to get the flushable kind.
  • My good friend Tim Johnson of PDS Systems put a military grade first-aid kit together specifically for being out on the trail with a pack on my back. Be sure to check out for all your medical supply needs!
  • Darn Tough wool socks. You can’t beat wool for your feet! 
  • Skechers GOWalk 4 lace-up walking shoe is my everyday workout shoe and choice for rucking on hardball surfaces. They’re extremely comfortable and very light weight.
  • Salomon XA PRO 3D trail shoes are my go-to rucking shoes. They have great traction and support for off road rucking.
  • Oakley Custom Flak 2.0 from Oakley SI. If you qualify for an account you get some pretty good discounts! 
  • Anker SoundBuds Sport NB10 bluetooth head phones. Sometimes having tunes or ability to talk handsfree on the phone is necessary! These bluetooth headphones have great sound and very clear when on the phone! They’re either in my ear, around my neck, or in my ruck!​ 
  • Tactical Hat with velcro. Always remember Rule #1! If you don’t have one check out this one from GORUCK.

There it is. My list of Ruck Training EDC items. I hope this helps you think of some things you either need to carry with you or give you an idea how to plan your ruck training load out.

What's in your Ruck?

Leave a comment and let me know what your Ruck Training EDC is...

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