2019 Feb GORUCK Rucking Challenge

1 Mile-a-Day Rucking Challenge, February 2019

GORUCK does monthly rucking challenges, for February 2019 they have challenged us to ruck 1 mile per day, everyday of the month and increase your weight each week. 

If you miss a day there is penalty PT (see the tracker) the next day and make up the mile. 

Completing the challenge will earn you the patch featured above. It is free to sign up for and earn the patch. 

When I started this challenge I had a stress fracture in my right foot, but hey… it’s a challenge! 

I also decided to start with a 30 lb. Ruck Plate and end with 60 pounds to help me train for upcoming GORUCK Light, a GORUCK Star Course, and a GORUCK Heavy.  

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