Bodyweight Challenge: Feb 2023

Welcome to the February 2023 Bodyweight Push-up Challenge!

Start Small. Start Slow. Just as long as you START!​


To provide Individuals a routine and a community to encourage and develop a daily habit of exercise.
This is a Virtual Challenge that lasts the entire month of February 2023, though you can continue the challenge for as long as you like.

a. Enemy Forces:

“The Greatest and most ferocious Predator is the enemy within.”


b. Friendly Forces:

We are building a community… so use it.
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c. Supporting Units:

(a). Friends & Family can be a great support unit to encourage your completion of the challenge.

(b). Find a workout partner to do the challenge with.


This Challenge is to complete 100 pushups per day during the month of February to encourage and develop  a daily habit of exercise.
You may not be able to do 100 push-ups per day, but by the end of the month you will be able to through consistent effort and dedication. 


a. SGT’s Intent:

Physical fitness is an important part of Operation Life, regardless of age or position. It is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle
and a lifelong commitment to fitness. Your fitness has a direct and positive impact on job performance and your ability to participate in and enjoy recreational activities.

The Push-Up is a basic and all around exercise that can be easily modified for your individual fitness level. 

b. Concept of Challenge:

(a) Each participant will develop a daily habit of physical exercise/activity. Push-ups can be done throughout the day and do not have to be completed all at once.

(b) Fitness Levels:

Beginner – Complete a minimum of 35 Push-ups per day.
Intermediate – Complete a minimum of 70 Push-ups per day.
Advanced – Complete a minimum of 100 Push-ups per day.

* Fell free to adjust your numbers. Just be sure to Challenge yourself to do more than you think you can.


a. Administration:

(a) Register for the Challenge by completing the below registration form.

(b) Download the 0223 Bodyweight Push-Up Tracker by clicking the button below. 

(c) Join the Facebook Event and leave comments during and upon completion of the Challenge on this post and/or the Facebook event.

b. Logistics:

The Challenge is to be completed on your own schedule and your choice of location.

*Push-ups can be done almost anywhere at almost anytime!


a. Command:

This Challenge is applicable to everyone. It is up to you to complete the challenge.

b. Signal:

(a) This Challenge is active upon the First Day of February 2023 (01FEB2023) and officially ends on the last day of February (28FEB2023).

(b) Challenge Updates will be posted in the comments section of this post and / or on the Facebook Event post.


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