Rucksack PT

Physical Training with your Rucksack for a full body workout!


Not all ‘backpacks’ are created equal. You’ll need one that will stand up to the weight and wear of being used for PT. 

My preferred Rucksack for PT and rucking in general is the GORUCK Rucker. You can find out more about the Rucker in my FITREP


If you’ve never done this type of work-out don’t start too heavy. It’s more important to get your form and movements smooth and steady than to try and look cool (which it never does) going heavy and hurting yourself.

I highly recommend the GORUCK Ruck Plates for weight. Their bundle comes with a 10-lb. / 20-lb. / 30 lb. weight that fit nice and securely into the Rucker. They are also great for Ruck Plate PT.

You can also use just about anything you can put in your Rucksack, if you need some ideas read Choosing Your Ruck Weight.

Regardless of your work-out, a proper warm-up is important. Especially if you’re a little more ‘salty’ than some others or have a physical disability. 

The AO:

Flat ground. Like a sidewalk, alley, yard, or park.

15-20 yards. Mark with cones if you have them but they are not necessary. 

The Warm-up Exercises

The warm-up exercises are done in an out and back pattern. Or from one cone to the other and back again.

Walking Lunge with a side twist  

Walking Superman

High Knee – walk 

Toe touch – walk

Butt Kickers

Power Skip – for height one direction and distance the other direction.


The point of any physical training is to build strength and endurance. Rucksack PT is no different. You can adjust the weight, reps, sets, and times to meet your individual fitness level.

The Exercises:

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