Sandbag Challenge: March 19

The March 2019 Daily Sandbag AMRAP Challenge.

The challenge is to do a Sandbag AMRAP (As Many Rounds APossible) everyday, all 31 days of March. 

The AMRAP is broken down into odd and even days as to not over-work any one group of muscles. This is an AMRAP so keep track of your starting weight and how many rounds you complete.

Weekly Increase:

At the beginning of each new week, increase the amount of weight in your sandbag. You determine how much weight you increase it by, but increase it. 

* Sandbags:

Obviously, a Sandbag is required for this, it can either be one you purchased or a homemade one. I personally like the Brute Force Training sandbags as well as the sandbags from GORUCK

Missed a Day?

If you happened to miss a day, life sometimes happens, do a make-up AMRAP the following day. The goal is to get into the habit of exercising your body daily!

The goal of an AMRAP is to complete As Many Rounds As Possible in a set amount of time. 

* NOTE: Going slower and maintaining proper form is more important than speeding through the exercises with poor form. You will get more out of each exercise and reduce the chance of injury by maintaining good form. 

  1. Do each exercise the prescribed number of times (reps). 
  2. When done with one exercise go immediately into the next exercise without a break. 
  3. After you complete all the prescribed exercises (round) start over.
  4. Repeat until you have reached the set amount of time.

* NOTE: If you need to take a break, do so between rounds. 

If you’re just starting with sandbags this will be a good introduction. When choosing your starting weight, remember that you will be adding weight every week.

This is for those of you that exercise at least once per week. Remember, you will be adding weight every week. 

If you exercise at least 3 days per week, start here. Remember, you will be adding weight every week.

Odd Days

  • Rotational Deadlift
  • Shoulder to Shoulder Press (w/ squat)
  • High Pulls
  • Standing Press
  • Lateral Plank Drag

Even Days

  • Clean & Press w/ squat
  • Shouldering
  • Overhead hold w/ lunge
  • Sandbag get up (Turkish getup)
  • Lateral plank Drag

Share your accomplishments in the comments below, or just let me know what you think of this challenge that will lead to better challenges in the months to come.

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