Sandbag Training

Odd-object training is best done with sandbags and engages stabilizing muscles to help reduce injury.

Sandbag training is a training modality that is great for functional strength and conditioning. It has many benefits you won’t find in a traditional gym. Working with sandbags will force you to focus on your form and is unforgiving if you don’t.

Sandbag training is UNSTABLE LOAD TRAINING, which is the ability to unconventionally move or lift an odd object or unstable, or uneven load efficiently and effectively.

1. Odd Shifting Shapes

Training with odd shapes that shift and change shape builds real-world functional physical strength and mental toughness. It's about what you can do, not how you look. It requires you to focus on each movement and utilizes smaller stabilization muscles you probably didn't even know you had before trying to lift the sandbag off the ground.

2. Functional Training

Sandbags are about function, not looks. Don't be fooled, you can look great too, but be able to do more real-world functional activities.

3. You Can Do It Anywhere

Sandbags are easy to pack and take with you and can be done just about everywhere. You don't need any other piece of equipment. That said, there are accessories that will add to your experience, but you don't need it to train. If you travel a lot, take your bag and fill it when you get there... Gym on the go!

One advantage of Sandbags is that you can make your own pretty easily with a bag, some sand and a roll of duct tape. I think you can figure the rest out on how to put it together… If not, leave me a comment below.

An alternative to making your own is buying one specifically constructed for use as a strength and conditioning tool. These types of sandbags are considerably more durable and can be purchased with beneficial features such as  multi-grip handles.

My personal favorites are Brute Force Sandbags or GORUCK Sandbags.

Here are a few Sandbag WODs to get you started training with sandbags. 

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